ive never been particularly interested in model trains. or trains. but maybe i could get into T Gauge models. look how fuckeing Smol they are !!!! fucccke holy shit wow


@jk can you motorise them, preferably with a motor as powerful as O gauge trains, or indeed full sized trains

@envgen @jk the locos are supplied with 4,5V motors and a fairly basic PWM controller. Main UK importer is in Scotland - there are British (an HST and a Class 67) as well as Japanese ready built models and the motors/bogies etc are also sold separately for those who wish to scratch build. Prices seem to be about the same as other gauges (maybe just slightly cheaper)


@jk @envgen more on smol model trains - Märklin of Germany also makes Z scale which is about 50% larger than T-gauge (still smol). Prices just slightly higher (more in line with traditional model railway) there is (as expected) a more German rolling stock but you can have your electric locos and EMUs energised by the catenary but put the L+0-10V on the rails as well to provide different power schemes for say a diesel freight train (without dealing with DCC and other complex things)

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