@roadrunner i spoke to a doctor about adhd when i was at uni and the doctor's response was basically "sounds like you probably have adhd. fuck you" and refused to do anything about it and that extremely Set The Tone

@meena im not qualified to answer this question i've only been reading about it on google for 20 minutes

so here i am reading about executive dysfunction for the first time and presuming it can't possibly apply to me cos it's been thoroughly embedded in my brain for 26 years that i'm just lazy and extremely disorganised

@Murkrow i did get some in the end but not cheap 🤷

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Who was it that was looking for because ASOS have them 20% off with the coupon code "GOFORIT"

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@SgtWoegerfenning @envgen I mean I kind of do know because I’ve been looking into it _a lot_ and we’re fuuuuucked

and i quote,

"Indeed, some men who might sneer at the idea of crying during Titanic will readily admit to becoming choked up during Saving Private Ryan or Platoon"

god there's two whole paragraphs in the wikipedia article for titanic (1997) about the sociology of men crying at the ending

@HTHR i like to drop misinformation, like google searches for "what to do if you grow another hand" and amazon searches for "pack of 3 gloves"

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who called them fursuits instead of lab coats (labrador coats) (bad post sorry)

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thinking about spongebob squarepants's millimeter tall shirt

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