lb: was about to toot this but had the good sense to search for it just in case id tweeted it before

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@Murkrow can you just paint fabric paint on like paint? or do you donk the whole shoe

@Murkrow you can even design custom ones on the converse website, but they dont offer yellow rubber???

then ive got techmoan, technology connections, bill wurtz, louis cole, vulfpeck, AND grand illusions to watch as well

further to this: regrettably nobody sells solid lemon yellow hi tops such as these

rly thinkin a lot about sarah connor's lemon yellow hi tops with blue laces from the terminator

a spaceman came traveling is a bit much. i can listen to it maybe once a year and thats plenty

greg lake's christmas song is a very good christmas song, largely because of the prokofiev bit in the middle

@jk it is very much like they extrapolated the wall of sound to the point it would have been had it continued expanding past 1969 and into 1973. so really it's from 1969+4

@envgen id argue actually its the first song that knowingly brings back (back?? brings in??) the wall-of-sound vibe in a retro and nostalgic way, and is thus one of the first songs of the 1990s,,,

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