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Kintsugi Volume 3 update

We have 8 articles so far.

There are several collaborators working on their articles. In a couple of weeks we will receive several more articles.

There is lots of space and we will include new collaborators if they come forward.

I have already designed a cover but that is also up for grab. If any photographer or photo enthusiast wants to collaborate by offering a photo, that is a possibility.

There is a new Android note taking app called MixNote. It is free, with no ads and looks beautiful.

For those that are interested and would like to participate, our door is always open. We would like to hear about your ideas.

The work on the 4th edition of the Kintsugi magazine has begun. I'ld like to welcome those who would like to participate to get in touch

I wanted to also talk a bit about the articles. I truly believe everyone has a story to tell & completely reject the mainstream notion that some people can write an article & some cannot. Everyone can

An article doesn't have to follow someone else's standards or expectations. I find that with all collaborators we find a unique way to tell a story of their own

My parents were invited to a wedding they couldn't attend so they chose one family member that doesn't like weddings to represent them :)

I have had one scotch so far. It was pretty good.

The submissions for the 4th volume of the magazine @kintsugi is now open. If you would like to participate, submit an article or have questions get in touch.







An for wider

I'm a and a

I edit the @kintsugi which is a collaborative with 3 published editions

My interests include culture, and

I like and bridging the negative spaces that exist between .

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.

I have translated three random Japanese toots from three different people. In order:

- You can be

- The end (This the end)

- You can come to that?

There is a mystical link.

Some of the translations resemble sentences by Yoda :)

I will be probably translating many Japanese toots with MastoLab :)

MastoLab app has an inbuilt feature to translate toots. That is super cool.

Has anyone got the *new* super nintendo console that has many classical games inbuilt? Is it any good?

There is a new Mastodon app called MastoLab. It seems pretty good. Moved from Twidere to MastoLab.

Is anyone following events in Zimbabwe? Seems that Mugabe is removed from power. I hope things will improve for ordinary people. But history tells us one thing, when a brutal dictator is removed usually he is replaced by another one. Without structural reforms and free judiciary and fight against corruption, it is very hard to change anything.

For those that have missed:

The 3rd Volume of the Kintsugi Magazine
@kintsugi is now available in PDF, ePub and Mobile formats.

I would like to thank all collaborators and hope the readers will enjoy this wonderful edition of Kintsugi.

To download, please go to

There are many great articles in this issue.

There are few places around where I live that does Borek parcels - something that is similar to pasties and calzone.

Spinach and cheese combination is excellent.

Which local goodies do you have around you?

My cat is now sitting on my lap and purring. Animals are so lovely.

We need less bad people and more animals in the world