If I lived in the USA I would absolutely apply for this awesome job:

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OK, here's the deal: @Smithsonian@twitter.com, the world's largest museum, education, & research complex, is making a significant evolution & needs highly experienced transformational leaders to do it right. Help Us! We are now hiring: Head of Digital Transformation: usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails

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A year ago today, I was speaking @RedHatDACH@twitter.com forum. Seems ages ago... buff.ly/3mKY2Sk

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Arrests in the days after Trump Loyalist attacked the :

-DC: 52
-Nationwide: 0

Arrests for participating in protests in the days after 's murder:

- DC: over 430
- Nationwide: over 10,000

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RT @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com: The Learning Fractal - Issue #22 - mailchi.mp/44a8e42e5031/learni The final issue of 2020 features a tally of the number of issued globally; a call for chapter submissions on ; a new assessment exten…


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We developed + ran a community of trust for in 2020 to address the using with @RedHatEMEA@twitter.com. We found two key points that stood out to us when reviewing the data. |
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Great to partner with @RedHatEMEA@twitter.com to deliver New Paradigm masterclasses. Catching up with the participants later to award them

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Later today - I'll be catching up with our masterclass pilot group. We taught folks from public sector about open principles and used the project to wrap data points around what we already knew. Great to partner with @RedHatEMEA@twitter.com and extend @openorgproject@twitter.com work!

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ANNOUNCING: A new planetary movement to .

This Black Friday, the @ProgIntl@twitter.com is teaming up with warehouse workers, climate activists, and social movements around the world in a global day of action against Amazon.

Join us. makeamazonpay.com

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RT @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com: The Learning Fractal Issue #21 - mailchi.mp/0ef07b94af86/learni features in education; university student exit strategies & proving relevance to employers; COVID-driven student drop-out crisis; skills in the new …


RT @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com: @wethecatalysts@twitter.com The programme was The National Lottery Community Fund (@TNLComFund@twitter.com) COVID-19 Digital Response

More details of future funding for charities and digital partners on the @wethecatalysts@twitter.com website: bit.ly/382AAfH


Awesome animation from the amazing @BryanMMathers@twitter.com

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Red Bull verleiht Flügel...

Dosen in der Natur 🌱 sind lebensgefährlich für Wild- und Weidetiere!

Schützen wir unsere heimsche Tier- und Umwelt 👉 pfanddrauf.at

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Don’t forget your reusable mask when leaving your home! With COVID-19 not going away any time soon, let’s protect both people & planet by choosing to reuse, based on science 👉🏽 bit.ly/2P4bUcd

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RT @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com: The Learning Fractal - Issue #20 - mailchi.mp/120abe4ce73a/learni Featuring plans to use to categorize scientific significance of reported research; @TheWayneGibbons@twitter.com' thesis on the role and impact of digital on a d…


RT @WeAreOpenCoop@twitter.com: We've been selected to guide a cohort of through Catalyst and The National Lottery Community Fund COVID-19 Digital Response fund's Discovery phase. We'll be helping them identify the needs of their communities – & discover h…


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This is *such* a dumb take. We live in a capitalist system, Spotify is a capitalist model. People creating white noise or generic beats to make money from that system with low effort is 💯 punk as fuck.

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Real talk: listen to this Regular-Sized Man. Paul Rudd is right about continuing on wearing masks. Vibe check your friends and family if they aren’t 😷

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