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honestly it was next to impossible to make friends on Tinmblr but here I make a toot about wearing my spine like a boa scarf and I've suddenly acquired five new ones

I misread β€œnotice” as β€œnoice” and I think I’m going to cry?

*takes a selfie* yep, that one’s going in my cringe compilation

jesus christ moment of silence for the amount of people im gonna have to deal with today at work

long list..... 

@Ruby6764 added me to her list, so now I want to do something like that to, but I am very new here so I'm just mentioning some of the amazing people I've met since last week...
@kropotkhristian @gazelle @emelie @zwirrlichtel @Laughwhilecrying @ratscratch @amparo @foxfire @anna @forestwitch @equatiions
Yall are great and I just want you to know that you make my days so much better!!

mr gargron sir, drenched in oil and holding a severed robot arm he's been using as a bludgeon all night:

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