Is there an equivalent action to quote tweeting over here?

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@erbridge Nope, it's explicitly been left out because they feel it does more harm than good.

@VioletPixel Interesting. So if I want to boost something and add some context of my own, can I do that in a way that couples the two posts?

@erbridge Best ways I've found are to boost the toot in question and immediately follow with your context, or include a link to the other toot in yours.

@erbridge People tend to reply, removing the usernames, saying "^" and then text; and then boost. That way, for people who follow you it'll show up as first the toot you boosted, then below that, your toot saying "^ something i have to add"

and because it's a reply it won't go to any public timelines

@slipstream So reply sans usernames, then boost the original?

@erbridge yeah, and the caret (^) is useful because it looks like an up arrow, pointing at the toot you boosted

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