You know that time when your kids come home with a show they fell in love with, then you get hooked on it with them and find yourself searching for when the next season comes out? @Disney

More and more, I feel like this screenshot describes my online experience. The Internet was built for the sharing of knowledge and expending the limits of technology. Maybe its time for Internet 2.0 where big companies and ad agencies do not reign supreme.
(Image Borrowed from Million Dollar Homepage)

DevOps is by no means a silver bullet. It is a culture shift, a way of thinking. When implemented correctly, you see improved moral, less burn out, faster releases, and more secure code...But it takes EFFORT.

Have feedback from this year's ? Want to give your input for next year? Join us for the Kansas Linux Fest 2020 Interest meeting! Jump on Zoom tonight at 6PM CST @GetTogetherComm

I am really excited to see one of my key tools, IP Fire, to release a new version! Nice clean release with updates and bug fixes. IP Fire now comes with speedtest-cli! @blog

I love hosting my own services especially with Nextcloud, but the catch is to always remember to secure your data! Patch your systems! Remember to encrypt!

Want to see what IT professionals deal with every day? I strongly recommend reading The Phoenix Project. It is a solid look at and how we end up with .

I am so excited to announce that in just a couple of weeks, I will be joining the amazing team over at @redhat ! I will be working as a Solutions Architect in the Telco space.

So, what I took away from this article is that we are taking another giant step towards the browser being the defacto platform to build any new applications.

Have a home lab? @redhat has a secret...the developer license! I love being able to spin up RHEL servers right at home.

I am so excited to announce that I will be part of the planning committee for in 2020! I will be posting more information as things develop, but it is going to be an incredible event.

AI and Machine learning are on the rise. But do you remember when a computer program beat an elite chess player? This was such a great episode from @redhat

With 200+ smart phones able to run FOSS operating systems, I feel one day, we will be able to have a Mobile OS that is as fully featured and as competitive as Linux is on the desktop.

Thank you to all of you who have served to keep our United States safe and an even bigger thank you to the families of those who have served. I hope y'all take some time today to appreciate all the blessings we have thanks to our fighting men and women.

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