Ready to move to containers? Don't want the mess of building a Kubernetes cluster from scratch? @redhat is an amazing alternative and version 4.3 just hit GA. OpenShift is a container orchestrator and so much more. Where was this when I was a ?

Sometimes as a content creator, especially in winter, you just run out of ideas then realize that you spent 30 minutes following rabbit trails looking for content...Oops! Time to get some real work done.

Curious about all this buzz? Yes, its better and faster but its a lot more than that. @Verizon is working closely with the to bring 5G to stadiums allowing an even more immersive digital experience!

I give demos multiple times a day as a Solutions Architect. Its a lot of work to keep the demo environment ready to go. This article had some great tips on making that process easier: @opensourceway

I realized this weekend that I think I learned my idealism and sense of responsibility from my love of ...of course, that may have just been the fever talking.

As this exciting year comes to a close, I want to wish you all an amazing Christmas and New Years. See you in 2020!

Did you attend Kansas Linux Fest 2019? Take pictures or videos? We'd love to through them up on our website and social media! Please send them in to !

‪I figured after @delta ’s test alert, I would share a laugh at my expense. Once I took down a corporate @Atlassian server because I spun up a clone of the VM to analyze a networking issue and forgot to change the MAC address first.

While containers and hybrid architectures are still some of the most critical technologies to know, I can't tell you how much working for open organizations has stepped up my career. @redhat and @gitlab should be proud of the cultures they have built.

You know that time when your kids come home with a show they fell in love with, then you get hooked on it with them and find yourself searching for when the next season comes out? @Disney

More and more, I feel like this screenshot describes my online experience. The Internet was built for the sharing of knowledge and expending the limits of technology. Maybe its time for Internet 2.0 where big companies and ad agencies do not reign supreme.
(Image Borrowed from Million Dollar Homepage)

DevOps is by no means a silver bullet. It is a culture shift, a way of thinking. When implemented correctly, you see improved moral, less burn out, faster releases, and more secure code...But it takes EFFORT.

Have feedback from this year's ? Want to give your input for next year? Join us for the Kansas Linux Fest 2020 Interest meeting! Jump on Zoom tonight at 6PM CST @GetTogetherComm

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