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@TheOuterLinux ohh! That’s really cool! I’m digging in your repo now. Thanks!!

Ok, I'm starting to understand one of the nightmares of maintaining a distro.. that living entity called "upstream"

@federicomena Ohh I see. it has been hard to me to think in a problem that I would solve using a Cell

@bugaevc Thanks! I'll take a look into the docs :)

I can’t think (yet) in an use case for Cell<T>

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Over in there is a new list of people who do good work in the Rust ecosystem, and that could benefit from Patreon sponsorship.

We have something similar in @gnome -

@bugaevc I’m not surprise, this is because I know people that’s leaving GitHub because MSFT acquisition and I found hilarious that Gitlab uses Azure.

I think Gitlab is great (having your own instance is something really cool) and also Github it is. And IMHO, MSFT is not the same as it was 15 years ago.

I was offended by the invitation of the ICE's CTO to the Github conference..

The Microsoft acquisition, no really.

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I wonder what's going to end up happening to Atom, considering MS has #VSCode. I was especially interested in the next genration version being written in #rustlang

A pharmacy store in Mexico runs this very old Linux

Will need some popcorn

Also, using the sysinfo crate I was able to remove a lot of code here

Thanks to new Tokio timer I removed dependencies from the old Tokio implementation.

Updating some code to the most recent version of Tokio-rs

Starting to read this book 🤓

A lot of license stuff these days.. git and spreadsheets are my tools now..

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Here's another #DNS service as alternative to #Google and #Cloudflare:

It is community driven, see list of partners here:

A TcpStream::connect is created on every future (sample rate), now I need to find a way that all the futures reuse the same connection.