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I think it will better if I define an Interval future and inside of it I create my type that create my type that is a future and also has my type implementation

I created an internal IRC channel for the team.. but nobody wants IRC, they use Lync/Skype..

@federicomena WTF? At least was a good and respectful politician? 馃檮

It was weird to not touch a computer for 20 days.. I really want to keep on vacations

The only reason is that everybody knows some Python and it's easy to use.

We'll start to develop a new system at work. People are thinking on use python for that.

Semana de imprevistos. La cobertura del c贸digo se fug贸 qui茅n sabe a donde y al buscar el problema aparecieron varias fallas de segmentaci贸n.

Y a煤n siguen defendiendo hacer cosas nuevas en C/C++.

Finally something interesting at work. I'll be playing with

"Is this the life we really want?" es lo que pasa cuando Roger Waters se espera 25 a帽os para sacar otro disco!

Debo buscarme algo que hacer en Portland para agosto y as铆 poder meterme a la RustConf...

Supongo que ahora podre mudarme a Fedora tranquilamente.

Pues es un bug del kernel, el espacio que consume docker ya no se puede volver a recuperar..

Vere si actualizando se arregla

Docker se volvio a comer mi disco duro

Balance del d铆a: Hay m谩s gente interesada en tecnolog铆as web que en Rust (Al menos en la muestra de hoy)

@luke_nukem be concurrent 馃榾, beer time while Rusting.

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