But that goodness is always laced with a racialized and gendered precarity - Amelia Gibson bit.ly/2NdpW9z

Migration is inevitable, but the danger and discrimination experienced by refugee and migrant children doesn't have to be bit.ly/2NdjMGu

Financial stress and a change of presidential administration are often the precursors for targeted faculty purges in evangelical institutions of higher education - Christopher Stroop bit.ly/2tuJBIU

Three major companies that insure Protestant churches received more than 260 reports of sexual abuse of minors annually - Christopher Stroop bit.ly/2GPM8ph

Why does the protection of black bodies from private and state‐sanctioned violence remain an unmet challenge for civil rights groups committed to racial equality? - Megan Ming Francis bit.ly/2GMBQ9e

We could see the places where others had tried and failed to get closer to the water. And it was good to stay where we were, to love the water without having to touch it. ift.tt/2Neclio

The spiritual quality that seems to most define men like this is their ability to imagine that they hear God in the voice of their own ambition - Stephanie Krehbiel bit.ly/2X0pfox

Forgive me if I don’t feel overwhelmingly valued by all of this - Dr Eleanor Janega bit.ly/2S3eBtE

They became literal footnotes in scientific history, despite helping make that history - Ed Yong bit.ly/2DxynZ5

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