Humour has been central to Aboriginal resilience, and a weapon of the weak in the maintenance of identity - Pearl Duncan

It is favoritism disguised under politics, ableism under the banner of civility, and injustice calling itself charity - Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo

We believe that people are the best experts in their own lives - Amy May

Using department data to try to predict bad behavior by officers - Annie Sweeney

Each of us has the responsibility to work toward the just and equal society we envision - Keisha N. Blain

A wave of violence that the American Medical Association has declared an “epidemic” - Rick Rojas and Vanessa Swales

Do you need to be able to take apart and rebuild your toaster in order to enjoy the toast it makes? - John Mauceri

In order to achieve a truly progressive framework of mental health, we must place these neurochemical reactions in a sociopolitical context - James Factora

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