Vertigo/Vestibular trigger 

I don't know why the design team at the New York Times has such a thing for no warning, full-page Vestibular issue triggers, but it's definitely not cool.

I’ve been thinking about how to distill all this advice about web font loading into a single ✅ checklist of important items that you can apply to today’s loading strategies and the next thing too.

The Web Font Loading Checklist

Use highlight.js for syntax highlighting on your website? a11y-dark and a11y-light are now available as themes! WCAG AA compliant for color contrast, including Windows High Contrast Mode support.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Just a periodic reminder that the people that use your website or app are the priority, not your asset pipeline, build tools or framework choices.

I don't like the trend of "How I got a job at X" articles I've been seeing lately. They fetishize ends over means and rarely acknowledge privilege.

Just got my phone back from a weekish of repairs. I did not like not having it. There are some who might wax poetic about being in the moment or whatever, but really I missed the near-ESP effect of having a small internet-connected device on me at all times.

Rent $10k
Hosting $3k
Recreating the button element in JavaScript $478,000
Snacks $1k
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my startup is dying

tfw a website of questionable legality you used to use now advertises on Spotify as a major brand

I recently had a client meeting in the heart of SF's tech scene—They were quite literally surrounded by Facebook offices. While I was there they apologized for how slow the internet was and how long it took internal tools to work. The irony was not lost on me.

The cool thing about having a technology job is you get to learn how technology works. The bad thing about having a technology job is you get to learn how technology works.

I put out a weekly newsletter with some friends that highlights weird and cool internet things. I'd love it if you gave it a read, here's this week's issue:

I have my new tab set to Wikipedia's random page URL and sometimes it really pays off:

> A historical drama set in the late 18th century during the Russian domination of Polish Lithuania, and elements of the plot are drawn from the story of the chess-playing automaton known as The Turk.

> Nicolaïeff, who has been sent to search von Kempelen’s house, is slain by the inventor’s sabre-wielding automata.

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