So may projects on my plate. Got Ghostbusters, got Red Sonja, got a super-fun anthology, and I'm cooking up a few others.


*I only have work by which to measure self-worth. In times like these, that's just fine.

Got some good news in today. So that’s … well, good.

Hello, then. Guess I’ll introduce myself just to keep the rust off the page? I’m Erik. Mostly writer, sometimes artist.

I’ve worked on Ghostbusters since 2011. TMNT, Scarlet Spider, Red Sonja are some of the other things folks remember best. The Nick Landime comic is where it all started though.

I’ve written bunches of other stuff (comic strips, prose, short films…) and want to play in a few more sandboxes yet.

Also: insomnia is murder.

The site is suggesting I follow myself.


I enjoy the glitch of the "who to follow" tab showing me people, um, I'm already following.

BTW, I'm donating all sales this month of my KICKSTARTER SECRETS ebook to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico hurricane relief. Check it out:

@LukasKetner On iphone, I use amaroq. On desktop, is a near-clone of twitter. Put

into the oval box, then on the next screen, login to authorize.

With all the complaints about 280 chars on Twitter, we start with 500 here?

Heck, that's fine. I can get loquacious.


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