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As a #linux user do I really need to have 2 keyrings using #Thunderbird >=78? It is ridiculous. I cannot catch the idea of this upgrade. 😐 Probably I have to switch my main e-mail client. It's sad. #enigmail #gpg #privacy

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#Dutch authorities made cloth #facemask mandatory in public transport due to #covid19 but gas masks are banned.🤣 This is ridiculous! Cloth masks are safe but gas masks are banned! Either they are stupid or think that people are totally dumb. I believe that #Dutch chemical corps should utilize cloth #facemasks instead of gas masks. #Netherlands #coronavirus

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Paraphrasing #Tegnell, #lockdowns and #facemasks are not the remedy! Will people who ordered #lockdowns face consequences for slaughtering #economy, for raising #poverty etc? I do not think so. Remember what happened in the XX century. Poverty will drive #fascism and #communism. Be ready for that. 🙄 #coronavirus #covid19

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Looking at #coronavirus stats I'm so concerned why beaches, forests and playgrounds aren't closed.🤔 For instance in March #Poland closed their airspace😶. They closed borders for other #EU citizens when they had ca. 2 deaths with positive #PCR test. A couple days earlier minister of health had claimed that #facemasks are useless. 😶
Today they have over 50 eaths/day and everything is open. #hypocrysy #covid19 #coronavirus #lockdown #peoplearelikesheep

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Om de finns ingen vaccination inom 2-3 år, få alla andra nationer samma antal döda. Bara att det ta längre och med högre skador i samhället pga lockdown.

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"My problem with #ContactTracing apps is that they have absolutely no value," Bruce Schneier, a #privacy expert and fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. "I'm not even talking about the privacy concerns, I mean the efficacy. Does anybody think this will do something useful? ... This is just something governments want to do for the hell of it. To me, it's just techies doing techie things because they don't know what else to do."

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To all #cashless venues especially in #Sweden.

If you can allow yourself to avoid #cash customers even during #Coronavrius crisis it means that you're doing well.😉 Don't complain.

#kontanter #kontantfri #Sverige

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Have you heard about any #lockdown in 1968? Hong Kong flu -
killed ca. 1 000 000 people over the world. Interesting.🤔

ca. 100 000 people died in #USA

#flu #covid19 #coronavirus #peoplearelikesheeps #usa #cdc #paranoia

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One year ago today, Ecuador sold Julian #Assange to the US by revoking his political asylum+citizenship, and inviting UK police in its embassy.

For releasing "Collateral Murder", the Irak and Afghanistan warlogs in coordination with #ChelseaManning, he is accused in the US of espionnage, faces 175y in jail.

We must not let him be extradited!

If he goes, intl. balance of power, our models of human rights and free press +our capacity will be durably harmed.

#DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssange

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After 7y in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he got gradually locked down (communications cut, visitors banned, etc.), #Assange just spent 1y in a maximum security prison, along with terrorists and mass murderers.

He is not violent yet has been denied bail, or to sit by his lawyers during his mock-trial of an extradition hearing, locked in a glass box..

Such treatment amounts to torture (according to UN special rapporteur).. for revealing war crimes!

#FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange

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I am still struggling to understand how in the ever ef the govt could just collectively shut us down and we are simply just doing it. Nothing feels right to me. I get I am a minority with this thought process but just not getting it . Just feels so odd . Trying to not wear a tinfoil hat but just so flipping nuts. Things are going great . Economy roaring and BOOM!!! I feel like In some weird way . The left won .. just this sick feeling I cannot shake.

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Yes, absolutely. Epidemiologists in #Sweden are right. They recommend this approach and they defend it despite many who are trying to force them to caged citizen. People in #Sweden believe in their government. Please let Sweden be free and independent country. Or maybe you will seed 'Democracy' on their soil?;) Better invest in respirators. #respiratorsNotFighterjets

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Congratulations #Sweden. Congratulations #Swedes for your wisdom and reason while facing #coronavirus #covid19 case.

There was no coincidence in your absence in #WWI and #WWII

Thank you #Sweden ! Grymt bra jobbat!
#svt #paranoia

#svt #sverige

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Tough question. If the flu vaccine "doesn't hit" the right virus type people can go through the disease roughly.

The question is if people who were vaccinated against seasonal flu in 2020 are more at risk for health problems if they have #Coronavrius or they are more vulnerable facing #Coronavirus threat?

#covid19 #Italy #UK #Germany

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It seems to me #tusky still try to connect to #cloudflare despite using http proxy.🤔
NetRange: -
Organization: Cloudflare, Inc. (CLOUD14)


#privacy #security

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#Sweden announced that they now will without consent force people to stay in hospitals or people can be detained wherever government say. They will say that it is for the society's own good.😎

Perhaps not many remember that #Sweden until 2013 sterilised people without consent for instance #lgbt people. Of course it was for the society's own good.😐
I think there is going to start some sort of panic. But what is the real purpose of that?🤔
More people are now dying because of the flu.

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#Sweden ought to learn freedom even from #USA. #Sweden doesn't follow #gdpr. Almost all personal data are publicly accessible.

Many shops refuse to take #cash. Banks don't provide cash.

Boycott #cashless shops, venues.
Let's fight for the right to #privacy.🤘
Don't be a conformist!

#sverige #kontanter #cashistheking #cashlesssociety #slavery

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Almost 70 years of US aggression against Iran:

- CIA coup that toppled Mossadegh in 1953

- Backing of Saddam’s war on in 1980

- Shot down Iran Flight 655, killing all 290 civilians onboard, including 66 kids

- Imposing crippling sanctions

- Assassination of


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