"An Indigenous opera singer is bringing back his community's traditions and songs...

The classically-trained tenor used wax cylinder recordings of his ancestors singing in the early 1900s, which had been locked away in the national archive for decades.

Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa — translated as "Songs of the River People" — is sung entirely in Wolastoqey, a language fewer than 100 people speak."

@erinbee It's really cool, the sound of the language is very different from Atikamekw or Innu, languages from the same family that i'm more familiar.

@erinbee If you want to see a atikamekw film (the only I think) you can see « Before the street» from Chloé Leriche. The movie was pretty good. The movie theatre was also full of Atikamekws the two weeks the movie aired in Trois-Rivières.

@Fralambert Thanks, I'm going to have to watch it after dinner!

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