Lithops, the Living Stone succulent. When it blooms, it looks like a flower cleaving a rock.

@envgen Yeah, they're an African succulent plant that adapted to camouflage itself among rocks. The second photo is the plant mixed with some small stones.

@erinbee lithops are really neat. I had one for the longest time. It was always a pleasure to see it bloom.

@Messgorough Me too! I'm so tempted to try to grow one in the spring.

@erinbee Those are gorgeous. They’re likely an E.T. that landed here centuries ago, still trying to figure out how to communicate Earth beings and so far they’ve settled on just *bloom*.

This is something I'd only expect to see on a foreign planet.

Nice find.

@compostablespork They look a lot more appealing than Tide pods, and most succelents aren't toxic to humans... 🤔

Now I'm thinking about it! I do love aloe juice...

@erinbee I tried to have one of those once. Killed it dead. 😞

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