Pumpkin Spice shitpost 

It rained today, tonight is cool and cloudy, it's finally the beginning of scarf making season. Curled up on the couch with a fleece blanket and the pattern for a lace scarf (Mythos shawl, from Ravelry: ravelry.com/patterns/library/m)

8 rows in, and the pattern is really easy to catch on to.

Selfie, body image 

Selfie - to commemorate the promise of jacket weather 

This quilt by Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy is 🔥🔥🔥

"In addition to naming an unrealized but very real fear and releasing it with laughter, it encourages us all, intersectionally, to crush the patriarchy by claiming our own needs as primary in a society that usually inhibits this...the quilting motif is free-form scallops to affirm that no one’s curves, of any body type, adhere to the expectation that we should be symmetrical and perfect."


I searched for "N95 mask" and the ad algorithm went full speculative fiction Tyra Banks and gave me "Too much particulate from the slow death of the environment, but then make it FASHION."

Halloween 2018: The sexy costume-in-a-bag to beat this year is Sexy Hannibal Lecter...sorry, the erotically unlicensed "Silent One."

Selfie - blue skies/pre-forest fire season 

Martha Stewart has always been a Halloween Queen, but if she keeps going in a death's head moth direction, I would pay to watch her and Snoop Dogg go full Instagram Witch.

Selfie - the closest dress I have to rainbow 

August is way too early for all the Halloween memes to be out and personally attacking me

Anne Lemanski, FENNEC FOX (DOG STAR).
Copper, ink on paper, artificial sinew
17 1/2 x 14 x 12 inches

After the last few years of unprecedented forest fires in western North America, it's probably time to get used to the idea that August weather is going to mean smoke from now on because the entire planet is fucked.

Playing around with hair dye again. Used violet grey (which just made my bleached roots a softer, blonder version of my natural hair color and nothing like the swatch at the store) and titanium, which darkened up the blue and added some silvery parts.

Selfie - thrift store 

What do you call Batman after he gives up going to church? 

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