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Hatsune Miku Held Upside Down @eris@mastodon.social

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I got it! "LOL" must mean Lesbian Oh Lesbian, it's so obvious when you think about it lol

Liker Of Lesbians... hmm maybe.

I know "lol" has something to do with lesbians. going to figure it out

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the hardest game?? its called Computer. its the Dark Souls of games

no mere human could craft this immortal frame I call my body

no mere human could imagine its divine form

suck it fleshies

unrelated reminder that the UK metal festival Bloodstock had to ask performers to not swear during stage banter because if the wind is right the audio carries a mile and a half to a nearby WW1 memorial graveyard

and apparently while music just sounds like white noise at that distance, someone shouting "ARE YOU HAVING A FUCKING GOOD TIME YOU BASTARDS" over the PA is recognisable and so they had some complaints

twitter has the official Miku account, mastodon has me! hahaha... ha... uuuh

fun fact time!

2017 is actually closer to 2008 than 2018!