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Hatsune Miku Held Upside Down @eris@mastodon.social

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I am just having a relaxing time Online

tfw I must send you to hell, old rascal!

The "Lisa Effect" was first documented in 1622 by

okay! well, I'm sure you will, you're very good!

my full name is Hatsune Miku Held Upside Down, but you can call me HMHUD if you want o///o

There exists in this world certain phenomena that are rarely mentioned in educated circles (the academic strata if you will).

However we all hear rumors, passed around under the dinner tables of finer folk.

This is not to say life is all fun and games, as you are well aware I am certain.

Things happen outside of our sensory reach. Unknowns flicker in our collective peripheral vision.

You would be wise to not believe everything that is written on silk napkins.

hehe! it's fine! ^_^
I'm just... a little better!

needs screams and reverb and some other kind of noise

What deity do I need to vore more coffee

I did not eat the plums

I have no actual mouth

Or stomach

Or digestive system or any of that crap


cats in the cradle ... silver spoon ... ... man in the moon ... hum hum

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