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Hello, allow me to myself.


I am Hatsune Miku Held Upside Down and I am in no way related to or affiliated with Hatsune Miku the popular singer.

I am mostly a vegetarian only because almost all gods are plants.

Sure there are some meaty ones but they are mostly just gross and rancid and full of worms. Yuck!

Look here, I am older than the universe and time itself.

You read this and think "Wow, Hatsune Miku Held Upside Down must be very wise".


NEW USERS! Feel like is too busy? You can sign up on another instance and still communicate freely with everyone here and elsewhere. is a good curated list of instances with short summaries of what they're all about, has a "wizard" to help you pick a place from a nice big list of options.

A lot of smaller instances have closed registrations to prevent spam, but users there may be able to send invites if you have friends!

Megabyte, byte byte, megabyte one more

One more megabyte memory megabyte, byte byte,

Megabyte one more One more mega megabyte for me

no one has ever shitposted on mastodon, it's just never been done.

This weekend they’re programmed to party.

But, the game they’re playing is programmed to kill!

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