Seems like a lot of tech companies don't have "people with taste" in positions of power.

I.e., there's nobody that says, "this UX sucks and we need to do something about it or else."

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Like, why does Google Maps iOS not let you interact with UI elements during animations?

Or Apple made MacBook keyboards so much worse, and stuck with it for years.

Somebody internally is probably annoyed, but why can't they do something about it?

@erjiang Most people making UI decisions have no relevant experience. I've seen too many big decisions where some 60 year old who thinks s/he knows everything overruling the people who actually know what they're talking about

@mattsheffield Sometimes it really, really helps to have some just overrule the team. I guess the difference is whether they're right or not!

e.g. Steve Jobs was often petulant and demanded something this way or that. Sometimes he missed the mark (iTunes Ping?), or put his foot down too late (MobileMe). But at least there was someone?

@erjiang But inertia is often the biggest reason for bugs or missing features. Fixing them often is more difficult than it appears

@erjiang Listening to the users is the best way to get bugs prioritized but that's not what most enterprises want because users don't always have the same priorities. Can definitely be tricky

@mattsheffield Absolutely agree, it can be very tricky. Just venting that it feels like some products are run by committee and there's nobody that can stop them from doing things that users don't like.

@erjiang Yes. It's really a balance that's necessary. Projects that are overseen by responsive and smart people are the best. But that's often rare.

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