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Seems like a lot of tech companies don't have "people with taste" in positions of power.

I.e., there's nobody that says, "this UX sucks and we need to do something about it or else."

You ever get that feeling when writing node.js code that’s like, “this is the pinnacle of programming!”? Yeah, me neither.

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I’ve become over-dependent on my laptop during flights Didn’t have a working outlet this flight and I was just so bored...

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So, basically, don't buy a Canon EOS M50 until open-source software figures out how to decode the CR3 raw files it produces.

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Any Free Software Canon users out there willing to help lead the charge in communicating with them so we can start decoding .CR3 files?

Put up my first 35 tasks on Mechanical Turk... it's surprisingly easy! Pretty exciting, even seeing the weird garbage that some people submit!

Guess who has two thumbs and landed a (small) contribution to an open-source project!

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Reminder: naming a file or directory "util" is a sign of poor project organization. Name it "misc" instead to maintain a veneer of professionalism.

I think I've had enough of Twitter. Partly because it feels bad supporting a business that spreads and profits from hate, fascism, and the "alt-right". Partly because SNR is so low that I'm just consuming garbage for no benefit.

Any good-at-TypeScript folks want to help me figure out a typedef?

I assume it's something obvious I missed.

When you install Unity, you are getting:

✓ C++
✓ C#
✓ JavaScript (Node.js)
✓ Python
and maybe others?

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Unity Engine must be named "Unity" because of the sheer number of languages and compilers bundled within.

Compiling your game for WebGL = C# -> IL -> CPP -> asm.js -> WebAssembly

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