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Found out that an essay I wrote freshman year in college was cited in a published research paper in 2018. The Internet is wonderful.

And the sheer panic that it can generate is something I've never experienced. Imagine shooting at a head crab, then running out of ammo... it jumps at you and you duck to the side. There's now a head crab behind you, but you've dropped your last clip on the ground when you tried to reload...

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It's actually not revolutionary in any particular way that I can see. But it definitely is the most polished VR game to date.

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Half-Life: Alyx is nuts. Played for about 2 hours so far.

People who don't use `git add -p`, 1) have you tried it, and 2) if you have, what do you use instead?

Not sure what's going to Quora. Half the default home feed is ads, and the real content seems noticeably lower quality than the stuff it initially was famous for.

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Needed to create a Quora account for the first time (ugh, work research) and they do the stupid "You must choose 10 topics you are interested in to continue."

"every programming language is bad and my favorite one is the one where I'm most familiar with the ways it is bad"

Thinking I should make one of those 2D quadrant plots of concurrency model VS concurrency implementation to show that they're orthogonal...

Re: $400 Wacom One tablet. Wacom is getting their lunch eaten by Huion & co. on one side and iPad Pro on the other. Wouldn't want to be their CEO explaining on earnings call why profit margins are taking a nosedive.

But maybe they don't all suck! There are some, e.g. Rust, that I haven't dived deeply into yet and maybe they are actually that good!

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I just want to love a programming language again. Ah, the curse of knowing that all these languages suck.

The Hanzi Test has been rewritten (TypeScript + bumped React version)! Check how many Hanzi you recognize:

So, maybe take a look at your brokerage account today and think about whether that stock could protect nature AND save you some capital gains tax.

Other charities to look at:

* Rainforest Foundation US
* Coalition for Rainforest Nations
* Cheetah Conservation Fund
* Big Life Foundation USA
* Global Wildlife Conservation

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If you're thinking about year-end donations, consider how:

1) we're destroying habitats (many unexplored) for things like palm oil and gold,
2) once those plants and animals are extinct, they're not coming back,
3) and it's often indigenous groups who are fighting to protect their land.

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I made a bet on Shopify years ago, and I'm very lucky that $SHOP has shot up since then.

Today I donated $SHOP stock to the Wildlife Conservation Society:

Somebody internally is probably annoyed, but why can't they do something about it?

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