@sir Following up on that if you ever have the possibillity to visit any of the KZ camps that is left, do it. It is a chilling experiance, but something I think is very important to know about.

@sir Well it is the internet there is not much else to be annoyed about.

I could figure out some more recent stuff, but that is a waste of time for both of us.

@sir I usually write a ticket before implementing things I am not sure if will be accepted so when I opened this it was rather annoying to get it closed todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc2/154 only for it to be changed in a patch months later.

Though then again I never ended up using aerc too much so it does not mean a whole lot to me.

@sir Not much different from you closing issues because non referenced standards works in a different way tbh.

@sir Ï did not have any major problems when compiling for POWER9, it was mostly ring which have no generic implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

@sir I don't think containers are the issue here. They have been a thing for around 20 years. The issue is more how they are getting used now compared to how they were used then. Containers was and continue be usefull tools. But you really don't need a container to run a small webservice which some people seem to continue to think.

@sir It does not even have to be a real language a good example of that Prisencólinensináincıúsol which was made to sound italian as sung by an American. But it is just complete gibberish.


@sir Negative count gives a 5xx error when it probably should be a 400. But other than that it looks good.

@kick @sir
The main repo is not on GitHub it is selfhosted cgit as far as I can tell. Though maybe they are trying it out.

@RandomDamage @sir @wolf480pl @codesections @kungtotte If you are really masochistic there is of course also UTF-EBCDIC though even IBM does not use that and mostly use utf-16 for unicode.

@sir @wolf480pl @RandomDamage @codesections @kungtotte So they should alwayws be treated as someting like utf16 or utf32 and never use utf8 as that adds more complexity. Or do you believe that they should be Ascii strings? or EASCII, or even EBCDIC?

@frederik I think it depends on the toolkit used to make the gui, eg swing seems to have issues, I think jetbrains are using their own gui toolkit so they may not have the issue.

@lanodan What is this with that it does not work on BSDs? It seems to work fine on FreeBSD. The only issue I have hit have been that Valgrind does not work but that seems to be an issue with it and not Rust.

@frederik What wm is it? I have had big issues with running some java programs on some wm's like xmonad.

@sir Do you plan to have any automated way of getting interesting projects in the discorver portal. Or will it just be hand picked projects.

@sir I recently figured out you could access the keys of github users, for example github.com/erk-.keys and github.com/erk-.gpg which I found pretty interesting. Does sourcehut have or plan something like it?

@kick @sir @codesections On the outside javascript may not have changed a lot, but the engines they run on have changed, from when V8 got released in 2008 and till today a huge change have been made in how they work, now they work with a mix between interpreter, JIT and optimized compilation. And of the 3 implementations I looked at they all seem to have more than 500.000 lines of code, and at least as many tests. So they may be simple, but not that simple.

@kick @sir @codesections They are also not implementing javascript by themselves, they are using the javascript engine from Firefox (SpiderMonkey).


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