Just reading the Telltale news. One part pretty sad as their games have been great fun. At one point their games were a roommate during my constant stay overs when at HMRC. But the news a while back about their shitty management culture (like a lot of games companies) makes you wonder if the stress of work is worth the joy it brings the players of their games. theverge.com/2018/9/21/1788816

It’s gone half twelve and been watching music vids with Em for the last two hours. Life is OK.

Already planning my days working out of Sheffield next month for this Letraset exhibition. 👌 www4.shu.ac.uk/sia/events/even

Got to get back on the blogging train. Blogging time means thinking time. Not done enough of that this year going round and round chasing my tail during the day. Tried to get things going splatting a dog walk tweets-thought into a post. ermlikeyeah.com/discovery-alph

*Excellent* recent Recode Decode, Kara chatting with Nicole Wong. First fifteen minutes a sobering reminder of what modern gov needs to "get tech". 45 minutes onwards how the White House is lacking tech guidance. Everything else is so chewy. Great listen. pca.st/episode/ca6df51c-f6ea-4

@mattedgar Huh. There was a gig (something Digi Catapult-y) about five or six years ago that was focused on involving/offering to biz and orgz from the north. Obviously it was a "breakfast meet" that kicked off at half eight in London. The number of people that stayed the night before tho

Wired: Making spreadsheets
Tired: Making stickers

Been asked if I'd do a session at some events. I usually avoid these. (Camp Digital in Manchester last year has been my only one for ages, and I did that promote the idea decent designers we’re getting going again on basic NHS stuff.) But...
Spending brekkie jotting down ideas. Looking at several different sessions. Anything you'd find interesting? Or want me to avoid? Or want to suggest I don’t do anything? 😉 😂

Accessibility options top of the list when starting a new ⁠ ⁠ game. 👌🏼

Given the seeming severity of Luke Shaw’s injury the OUCH! icon on the BBC Sport’s commentary seems insensitively comic in context. Just my opinion though bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/

@paulpod yeah, not digging at you but it is a head scratcher of a problem - and a head scratcher on verifiers. we had a good peek into it all for NHS ID. guess dwp and hmrc id services will be back with force

@paulpod mer. more hamstrung (tom l explained why a few years back). be good for balance for all the criticism if people suggested viable, workable alternatives a bit more

I greatly enjoyed listening to a recent re-run of Planet Money about New Jersey bail reform. Had a nice stretchy chat at work today off the back of recommending it. 👍 ermlikeyeah.com/planet-money-n

I mean, we can still have chats as well, y'know. That could be good actually.

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