I wish that some of the energy that goes into convincing everyone to use https would go towatds taking steps to allow outdated computers to visit https sites.

@dredmorbius @ernie @xj9 An up-to-date NetBSD runs on a Macintosh II from 1987. Now that's some energy right there.

@moonman Point, though since you cannot update most browser software (source: used to have a 2005 era Intel iMac5), you will be Having a Bad Day already.

Good news: Debian installs on the hardware fine.

Bad news: Firefox on spinning Rust and 1 GB RAM is a fucking disaster. I've had some luck with the surf (suckless) browser.


@dredmorbius @moonman I have some complicated thoughts on this but basically my view is that we need proxy tools that get around HTTPS’ weaknesses. This makes a good case for what I’m thinking.

@dredmorbius Also, re: your G5, in my Mac Mini G4 I replaced the spinning hard drive with an m.2 SATA SSD with an IDE converter. It’s obviously bottlenecked though it’s not because there are spinning disks inside of it anymore.

@ernie I've considered bumping RAM and swapping HDD -> SSD.

But the cost of that would be more than buying a new or refurbed machine. And I've got a spare unused monitor, so that's not an issue either.

Factor in power savings and electricity cost and it's no contest.

@dredmorbius The one I bought was extremely cheap. It was a short m.2 with 120GB (more than the hard drive in the Mac Mini originally had) and it cost me like $25 with the adapter.

@ernie I wonder if the ESP32 has enough horsepower to handle an https proxy... 🤔

@48kRAM Love that idea. The potential would be great. (Side note: Did you see Troy Hunt replying to this comment on Twitter? I feel like I was totally well-intentioned and he responded really rudely.)

@ernie Just read it. I'm not sure I understand how continuing to support unencrypted http weakens the security of https.

@48kRAM Basically it’s gone from protecting the user only when they need security to "https all the things"—and when you point out, hey you’re screwing over preservation efforts with this strategy, the biggest cheerleaders for it act as if there is no alternative.

@48kRAM I’ve seen these debates go south with other folks, but I made a point of being nice and explaining the nature of the problem and they were still pretty rude to me.

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