@Gargron I used to use Ghost but long-term, I found the tool limiting because they weren’t developing the things I cared about at the right pace (putting in add-ons, adding my own design functionality) and removing things I liked (raw Markdown writing interface!). Godspeed that they're a lot closer now but they were sort of not in a great spot for a while.

@ernie It's objectively false that we removed Markdown, prevented any design functionality, or that at any point we "weren't in a good spot for a while" — what a bizarre set of nonsense to completely invent

@johnonolan It’s not that you guys removed Markdown but it’s not raw text like it once was—which I think is the experience some of your original users were looking for. The editor does more now, and while that’s a good thing in many senses, it wasn’t the original value proposition.

@johnonolan And to be clear: I used Ghost for 3+ years, pretty heavily mind you, but ended up moving because my needs were moving away from pure blogging. I don’t mean to be critical of the good work you’ve done, but I sort of felt like every time I asked about some of these features, the answer was effectively, "we’re getting there." You run a small staff, and I get that. But that was tough because I wanted to stick by Ghost, but my needs changed too fast.


@johnonolan Again, this was just my experience. Other users may have had things different, but I say this as someone who was a longtime user. I understand that you’re building something complex and that takes time to get right. Some of it may have been my specific use case.

@johnonolan Either way, best of luck moving forward. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

@ernie The new editor literally contains the old editor — 100% of the identical features and functionality are there, and nothing has been removed. Every Markdown card is a full-featured instance of the old editor.

It's 2 keypresses to get access to the old editor if that's what you prefer.

Meanwhile there are also hundreds of integrations and the front-end is more decoupled and flexible than it ever has been for building custom design functionality.

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