There’s something I need to explain to you: You can’t compare Web1 to Web3 because on Web1 nobody cared about money until Yahoo showed up


Everyone *always* cared about money, it's just that the industry was making more of it elsewhere.

Microsoft (and all of SV) was raking money on the desktop and apps, the internet was simply not important. But the moment that it grew and reached some critical consumer base, obviously the VCs and big conglomerates (Time Warner, remember them?) started paying attention.

To think that the web was some hippie camp is juvenile revisionism.

@raphael You clearly weren’t there when it was all universities and libraries and your comment just showed it.


Put another way, you're saying that "web1" only refers to the very early stage where things were so new and only accessible to rich hobbyists and privileged academics.

It's like saying that "no one cared about money on the home computer circles until Micro-Soft showed up charging money for its BASIC".

Even if true, it's the computer nerd version of "I was a fan of the band before they went mainstream". It's such a small group of people that it is actually irrelevant.

@raphael I would say they’re pretty relevant actually, because THEY CREATED THE INTERNET.

Tim Berners-Lee was working at CERN. Eudora and Mosaic were both developed at the University of Illinois. The internet was managed by university employees for decades. We would not have any of this without those people.

You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re upset you got called out for it.

@ernie we wouldn't have *this* version of the internet, that's for sure.

But then... so what? if it were not for the people who were in it for the money it would've always stayed that, just a niche.

@ernie I first connected to the internet in July 95 so I don’t know what’s “old internet” without Yahoo even if it looked like this

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