Given our recent conversation, I would go so far as to label Troy Hunt, a key advocate of putting everything on HTTPS, an enemy of preservation. And that really bums me out.

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This falls under the category of, if you can’t say anything nice … post it on Mastodon and shake your head in disappointment.

I'm not giving up on my dream interview, to interview the CEO of T-Mobile about crock pots

I hate working on a story for 7+ hours only to have to shelve it for the night and then get yelled at by a reader because I wanted to ensure that I had the story right before I pushed it out into the world.

Got a Wacom tablet today—first time I've had one in nearly a decade. Here's an early attempt at using it for its intended purpose.

Over at Twitter Papa John's is replying to me about using a middle finger emoji. What's happening on Mastodon guys?

In which a man gets a weird letter from a service that sends you mysteries by mail, and proves exactly how humorless he really is.

In which some hardcore patent guy tells me that I shouldn't think it's not possible to walk through walls.

I did something impulsive because the price tag wasn't horrible. I bought a Famicom Mini on Amazon.

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