It must be nice being Apple, where famous YouTubers basically do their PR for them.

Just got in a review unit of an e-reader that I’m going to be writing about relatively soon, and the first thing I did (because I’m nuts) was set up Duet Display to see how well it worked as a second monitor. It didn’t work very well, but it was interesting!

Nature is healing and Pitchfork has a music festival in September

Had a dream where I was in a focus group and Phil Schiller broke down all of the design decisions of the MacBook Pro.

Minidisc deck on ShopGoodwill has an interesting feature: A PS/2 port for keyboard input. 💽

Things you notice as an Android user when using an iPad: The YouTube app does not support gestures and therefore drives you nuts

Hey, heads up that there appears to be an old-school email virus floating around. I’ve seen at least three messages like this in the past day.

So it turns out the original keyboard on my Laser 386 has gained some notoriety in the mechanical keyboard community, and as a result, the keyboards are now hard to find.

Phar Too Ambitious: The story of Phar-Mor, the pharmacy chain that decided that just being a pharmacy chain wasn’t interesting enough and tried to beat Walmart.

Anyone ever think about the fact that Positive K is having a duet with himself in “I Got a Man”?

It's weird how using an iPad again feels old school to me. Like I hadn't used one since the original Mini.

I'm getting vibes of old iPad magazines.

Seriously, having a miniature screen where I can put questions off to the side for an interview, or when I’m really trying to focus, the browser? That feels like something I should’ve been doing a long time ago.

Advice to all workplace experts: You might want to sit out any commentary about whether or not workers want to return to the office.

This is a sensitive topic at a sensitive time, and I think a lot of folks are really uncomfortable right now—and you’re not helping.

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