We lost John Lewis and RBG in the same year. What a loss for democracy and civil rights.

Watching Bill & Ted Face the Music. Feeling sad given the news, but this is a nice pick-me-up.

Best line, to Death: "Dude, you were playing 40-minute bass solos!"

This is dangerous spin. He might as well be claiming that the executive branch be able to do whatever, unchecked. t.co/SlSamCmiWf

“Tech YouTube has spent the past 15 years emulating the channel Comcast unceremoniously killed in a merger.” t.co/xaao8gI4uA

Van Morrison lyrics in 2020: “Do you remember when we used to sing, ’sha la la la la la get this dumb mask off my face’”

Let’s Talk About Stuff: Every once in a while we just need to randomly write about a bunch of different things that have nothing in common. Let’s open the grab bag, internet.


This article is a splash of cold water on “both-sides” journalism. t.co/COfbUIqFOo

The fact checkers will hit the buzzer with something untruthful has been said, you partisan hack t.co/mmzuIPkdx9

Wow, this is depressing. That cow logo used to mean something. t.co/RgAjEjJsZ8

If you haven’t read my piece about iBooks, you’re missing out on an anecdote about the one short period in my adult life where I didn’t have a working computer at home. t.co/g0nD7zGe78 t.co/wE4p5PeWG9

The point of this piece is clear: Now is the time to fight dirty and put ideals of formalism off to the side. These guys will be jerks either way and will go far past the point at which you stop for reason of manners or tradition. t.co/7g6Wp4OJta

Moderating a Facebook group sucks. Good-faith moderation tools such as membership signup questions are ignored, and trying to deal with that failure means you’re stuck having to track people down to get them to follow up. But then FB chat doesn’t work right.

If you’re a journalist click this link to test out Substack’s servers. t.co/DA7Yx4itbm

A man wearing a cowboy hat and mustache, doing a burrito speedrun. t.co/nEhBdf4Lgl

People sharing their home screen. Here's mine over on the Android side. t.co/ncLLK83rd9

Who reads this and thinks to themselves, “these idiots are trying to start a civil war?” t.co/SU1wmWbwwi

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