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ICYMI: Tedium will soon be available in a limited-edition, numbered zine form, for Patreon supporters at the $5 level and above. Will feature an all-new story that won't be put online. Really. Whoa.

This Old Scandal: Why Bob Vila, perhaps the most famous handyman in history, may have set the stage for a digital era in which stars aren’t afraid to cash in on their names.

"It’s going to be simply designed, on gloriously standard paper with limited color, stapled together with the majestic power of the human hand."

We’re Making A Zine: If you’re a fan of Tedium in digital form, you should know that we’re going to create a physical form. But not just any physical form. Zine form.

This is a line the Sesame Workshop has had to straddle for a solid generation or more.

Finally, a time where I can say my name, Ernie, and show up in trending.

There was a time when the NYT would never do a layout like this. I'm happy that time has passed.

Beto is totally going to respond by mailing out donation requests disguised as punk zines because that's the kind of race we have here

I'm happy Time sold to someone with enough money and sense to leave it alone and let it do its thing.

XS Max is still a worthy form factor though. Seems like folks looking for a deal should buy a last gen iPhone X though

I'm about 95 percent done with a Tedium piece about a subject that I never thought I'd write about but turned out to be surprisingly fascinating.

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