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One has to imagine that Apple might be putting itself in the antitrust crosshairs with this acquisition, which could end up harming Square in a big way.

This is like an m.2 fever dream: A 3.5-inch drive bay with room for 4 m.2 drives, with just one SATA power port but 4 SATA data ports.

I’m sure those who run server farms love these things.

Can we talk about the fact that the one good thing Amazon does is not use terrible blister packaging

The 15-inch AMD HP Envy x360 looks like it could be a winner to me; it has a good price/performance mix. And unlike the recent Spectre models, the RAM, the WiFi card, and the NVMe are all replaceable.

No TB3, but AMD laptops tend not to have it.

Greetings from a machine that has no business opening up the modern Twitter interface.

Setting up Debian on the Mac Mini G4. Curious to see how it goes

Protip: If you need a wired network connection and don't have a nearby Ethernet connection, plug in your phone and set it to USB tethering mode. It will work.

Had a weird DoorDash situation last night … we were given someone else’s entire meal by accident which was basically impossible to figure out without opening the thing because there were no tags on the bag.

And obviously we couldn’t figure out what was what without opening it.

This Fedora upgrade on this Pinebook Pro is going dog slow. Reminds me of an old Windows upgrade.

I admit that Sully was a blogging inspiration back in the day (because I’ve been writing blogs on the internet that long) but man … I don’t even know what to do with this.

Blister In The Store: Why plastic blister packs and clamshell packs, despite the near-universal frustration they create among consumers, have become a truism of consumer goods.

Normal president: You won’t have to worry about my tweets when I’m president.

Authoritarian: You won’t have to worry about my tweets when I’m president … because I shut down Twitter

TFW you’ve been asked to submit a selfie of yourself and it’s much harder than it sounds because all your selfies look like this

I forgot how good Colbert’s Herman Cain parody was.

Something I always liked about Cain as a candidate is that he seemed like he was at least partially in on the joke.

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