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Mail-in voting isn’t just safe, it’s a safegoat—a reliable boogeyman for people looking to create distractions to point to.

You heard it here first: “Backlink Requests are Spam.”

OMG The Pixies did a take of the Velouria music video where they just stand there

Brains And Buzzers: An examination of quizbowl’s technological evolution, from radio broadcasts to question archives and Discord tournaments.

The most curious channel on YouTube may be Professor of Rock, because this guy has somehow managed to get every famous rock star to talk to him. He also posts tons of content yet seems to not pull numbers that might suggest he could get so many rock stars to talk to him.

🎶 I’ll be the one to paint a picture, Kathleen 🎶

Josh Ritter, a musician who I used to follow a lot more, is randomly painting something on Facebook Live. Sure, why not.

To the storm that broke a giant branch off a tree in my yard: Thanks for the blisters.

This Wikipedia graphic is blowing my mind because of a single school on the top half of the list. Guess which one.

“I’ll keep working here as long as they will have me, I bleed six colors, but I also want to make some time in the years ahead for my family, friends, and a few personal projects I care deeply about.”

When you don’t wanna be a hater but are really struggling not to be after being presented with something very hate-able.

Someone should make a SSD enclosure that fits on the back of the iMac’s curvature and uses one of the TB3 ports. It seems like a natural way to allow for additional storage while not actually cluttering your desk.

TRUMP: PowerPC Macs are faster than Intel Macs.

JONATHAN SWAN: How can you say that?

TRUMP [rustling papers]: Listen to me–

So my day job stuff generally is super-niche, but I think it sometimes can have relevance to the broader populace. This piece on personal branding becoming a bigger trend right now I think is a good example of this.

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