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I worked my inability to properly bake chocolate chip cookies into an article that discusses web cookies, which I think shows that I clearly pick hobbies based on how they will help me write stories.

It took them a quarter century, but the haters are finally coming for Elliott Smith’s self-titled second album

It’s pretty wild that you can get an app as good as Tayasui Sketches in SetApp.

Is there anything more secretly calming than uploading a metric ton of content into a CMS?

Why are they so bad at executive orders this far into the presidency? Like imagine, if you’re a judge, how easy a slam-dunk case this is for TikTok.

Nigel Dick, the director of some of the most famous and popular music videos ever made, has directed 16 music videos for Nickelback.

Sixteen. Think about that.

My monitor has a picture by picture mode that allows me to use two computers at once. Cool, but the big downside is that it does not allow me to use the dead space for anything.

Is there a more hateable character on all of television than Kenton on Devs? I've never disliked a bad guy so passionately.

He's like the opposite of Mike from Breaking Bad.

Tales Of Type: A discussion of the ways that large tech companies helped to define the evolution of computer typography. One battle made the CEO of Adobe really mad.

Man, it’s weird to see open rates like these. (These are four segments of the same list, BTW—the largest is the 33% number.)

I dunno. Last time I saw Lupe Fiasco in concert it was at an Obama inauguration party and he performed the same anti-Obama song for 40 minutes. Based on those odds he may tell everyone that ordering delivery is bad.

To SaaS services: You need to have a cancellation button rather than forcing me to have a conversation with you about my choice to cancel. It’s my right if I don’t want to be charged for another month of service.

Facebook’s VP of Public Policy is directly getting involved in content decisions, against the company’s own policies.

The greatest source of joy in my life right now is the message informing me my jury duty was cancelled

I am still rocking my original pandemic cut and it is driving me nuts

Glassdoor wants me to revisit my original career path at a Mexican fast food restaurant

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