I’ve completed the 6 month no alcohol challenge. Now the decision is do I drink alcohol again or continue being tea total.

@ernmander Does it actually benefit you? That is my question for all my "vices".

@gnusocialgnu I made a plan last November to give up alcohol for 6 months and just did it. Normally I give myself a challenge a year so this was this years 😊

@ernmander well,congratulations to you,sir!i am really impressed by that achievement!will there be a continuation or reset to pre-november?

@gnusocialgnu thank you. I haven’t thought about what I’ll do next

@ernmander fine.sometimes the way is the goal,so the journey is its own reward.glad i got in touch with you,here,as i get to learn alot from you,since you're already an inspiration for me.thanx for that!
@ernmander you're welcome!so are all of your toots,i appreciate reading.
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