So my vintage 1992 yamaha monitor speakers were part of a ground loop when I had them hooked up to the solar power bus. I invoked the dark magic of "audio transformers" and now they sound great.

My views on Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation 

So I decided it was definitely time to remove the FSF sticker from my laptop. It was really hard to remove and it left a really gross residue that I'm not sure I'll ever get off. If that isn't a good metaphor for Stallman's influence on the world of free software, I don't know what is.

Been trying to get some games running on my this afternoon. Results:
eduke32 (software renderer) - no issues
lzdoom (software and gl renderer) - no issues (gl renderer needs to keep resolution low)
darkplaces - no good, gl errors
lincity - no issues
freeciv - no issues
tic-80 - no issues
scummvm - no issues
emily pinball - runs but very slow
supertuxcart - runs at about 15fps, some slowdown

Transmisogyny, Colonialism, Cultural Genocides 

Trans women held extremely important roles as healers, priestesses, caretakers, community guides in hundreds of cultures before white colonialism destroyed those histories and practices. The history of transmisogyny is inherently tied down to the history of colonialism and white supremacy, just like the entire Patriarchy is.

Selfie, eye contact 

Southern engineer witch is done with this week.

Persuant to a comment @scanlime made...
Maintaining your laptop and using it for longer than its design lifetime is anticapitalist
Modifying your laptop for better performance is anticapitalist
Buying used parts from people rather than new ones from companies is anticapitalist
Deciding you have enough is anticapitalist
Working on your car is anticapitalist
Learning to live on the output of 3 solar panels is anticapitalist
Raspberry pi is NOT anticapitalist.

Gaming, Switch (-) 

My goal in this is to replace all DRM gaming consoles with computers, preferably ones I already have, in light of Nintendo bringing back the freaking disney valult with their new games, and all the analytics they just forced on children in the latest update.

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Gaming, Switch (-) 

Project "Replace all consoles" is going pretty well. Since I figured out to turn off intel turbo boost on my laptop a lot of games are now playable without throttling. Warhammer 40k armageddon, zwei, Ys Origin, Turok all run great.

Two weeks of using my and and I don't want to go back. I've even made peace with Phosh now that docked mode is working. Thanks to everyone doing the hard work of getting this software and hardware working.

Tech stuff, phosh, pinetab 

So this is odd. I usually have my pinetab docked to an external monitor at my desk and over time mouse input will start to lag. This lag does not happen when the pinetab is running on its own even in "docked" mode. However, if I turn the pinetab monitor on and off with wlr-randr the lag goes away and stays away.

I already broke the front glass and digitizer on my pinetab. Everything else still works though

Hey, so if your open source project doesnt have a code of conduct you should do that. now.

computers really started to go downhill when everything became about the internet and the web

@djsundog Food truck that also has its own WiFi hotspot with a local web service that lets you download anything it already has cached and make requests for other stuff to sync for next time it comes back to town.

if you're going out in public wear a mask (clap clap)
if you're going out in public wear a mask (clap clap)
it helps not spread infection
and prevents facial detection
if you're going out in public wear a mask (clap clap)

me at 20: i want to do AMAZING RESEARCH that CHANGES THE WORLD

me at 30: i want to live in a hobbit hole and bake bread

Support your Fedifriends! 💙 ✨

If you're a creator making things that people can enjoy from the comfort of their home right now, please leave your links below!

Games, art, books, music ... anything!

Free or paid -- a lot of people are going through tough times right now and if buying your stuff will help you, don't be afraid to share it!

Chapter 2 of Persephone is up. Its been a real challenge to write the past few days, I hope y'all enjoy this one.

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