This toot coming to you from my new , thanks @PINE64

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@errantlibrarian Congrats! I've been patiently waiting for the Pinephone project and available software to mature before I make my purchase. Would you care to share your thoughts on the current state of the hardware and software?

@amongoose I've been in linux land since kernel version 0.99, so the best I can describe this is "like high school". Not for the faint of heart or the unwilling to hack up a kernel driver or two.

@errantlibrarian I think if phone calls, SMS, web browsing, wifi hotspot, and camera hardware are fully functional I'm ready to jump in. I don't mind using an android phone as backup on wifi hotspot for apps that don't work on Linux, at least for now. If hacking up a kernel driver means compiling it myself with instructions I think I'll be okay. Adding a repo and installing a kernel via package manager is ideal though. I don't consider myself a very advanced user. Thank you for your input 🙏🏼

@pronto @PINE64 Not yet, although the web interface isint bad if I'm honest.

@errantlibrarian @PINE64 how is it? I've been thinking about this or a phone supported by UBports.

@errantlibrarian @PINE64 it's between that or the OnePlus One, they seem to the 2 best supported of the phones with ports. I've got a GApps free install on my phone ATM, just curious currently. As long as the main functions of a phone is working I'm not overly concerned about apps, those are guaranteed to come with time. Have you used UBPorts? If so how is the battery life and how is it with the Pine Phone?

@jmizzle207 @PINE64 camera and heaphone jack are nonfunctional on through pinephone as of develop build 50. Battery life is acceptable, don't have numbers yet but with my regular morning use I'm at 89%

@errantlibrarian @PINE64 I could manage without those as long as Bluetooth was funtional for connecting headphones.

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