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Error 418

I hate it when people lick their finger before drawing a card from a stack. especially if it's my deck

I would have bought Age of Empires Definitive Edition if it were DRM free and not on the goddamn Windows Store.
Sorry Microsoft, I'll stick with my 18 year old copy

Being a geek is awesome. Many convenient features modern speech assistants provide are available from the terminal since years. And without the need to talk to a device. And without privacy concerns. And you learn something while writing your shell scripts.

@BryanLunduke Where is your video about terminal-based email clients? I can't find it on YouTube. Is it even made?

Updating to the Artful Aardvark. Whatever this is...

Thank you for developing Mastodon @Gargron

The new Quantum Engine and UI of Firefox 58 looks promising. Seeing this, the lead of Vivaldi in my favor is shrinking. And once it's close I'll switch back to Firefox. When sufficient, I'll always choose the Open Source Alternative

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Since 3 months on Linux now and no intentions to switch back to Windows. I havn't expected such a smooth and easy transition

Just while I was writing a toot how I like Free and Open Source Software my proprietary NVIDIA driver crashed. That's a sign.

Beep. Beep. I'm a sheep.
I said beep beep I'm a sheep.

My NAS is full and my drives are old as well. I should build a new one before it breaks, preferably a solid system. But damn, that's gonna be expensive

I think we'll start with the pirate party

gonna read some manifestos in preparation for the upcoming Bundestag election. Let's figure out what the parties want and did since 2013

Just came back from a stag party. 22 hours full of paintball and booze. After a pizza breakfast I was fully restored and pumped to write some code. Man, I'm feeling 18 again