@liw It's broken in lots of very bad ways. But I think they nearly all go back to the flawed (and in my opinion likely corrupt) decision to allow business process patents which opened the way for software patents.

@liw @ersatzmaus I like the idea of patents in principle. Tell us how you did it, and in exchange we promise to not compete with you for a short while.

Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal leaning trick, that's the system working as intended. A magician revealing his tricks, which we could all now reproduce if we wanted to. If it actually worked like this, I would be more in favour of keeping the patent system.

@JordiGH @liw Sure. And for non software/business-method it can actually work like that. But the goalposts have been shifted. Patents are now written in language that is simultaneously over-broad and uninformative (does not include the information required to reproduce). Add to that they are granted for completely obvious non-innovations and the people who work in the target field are held to be both incompetent to tell if they are infringing _and_ guilty of wilful infringement at the same time…

@ersatzmaus @JordiGH Further, the system is gamed by big corporations, to the detriment of everyone else. Pharma patents get tweaked and then get a new patent, basically extending patent protection indefinitely.

This isn't undocumented.

@ersatzmaus @JordiGH If the patent system worked as it's supposed, I wouldn't oppose all patents, but it doesn't, so I do.

@liw @JordiGH Indeed. The system is rife with abuses and the powers that be show no desire whatsoever to fix things (or even admit that there's a problem).

@ersatzmaus @liw Maybe it would help if independent discovery were a valid defense, like it is with copyright? Independent discovery demonstrates that society did not need the patent because it was easy enough for someone else to come up with it.

@JordiGH @liw Not useful because you as a non-patent-lawyer are not held to be competent to know if you are infringing. But you _are_ held to be responsible for wilful infringement (and punitive damages) if you knew the patent existed (even though legally you're held to be incompetent to evaluate said patent).

@JordiGH @liw The problem is fundamentally that garbage patents are issued and it is expensive to defend against a patent shakedown. And there's really no upside to taking on that cost in the short and medium terms.

@ersatzmaus that is truly a garbage patent. They seem to be claiming to own the entire concept of sending a photo over a wireless network

@fraggle I hadn't even looked at the details - I assumed they were going after gnome/shotwell in the belief that they didn't have deep pockets and would just roll over, allowing them to threaten more people with the same.

@ersatzmaus @fraggle Which is an interesting belief given how many IBM employees are paid to contribute to GNOME. The black gate of Armonk may be about to open and unleash a horde of Nazgûl.

@brad @fraggle Maybe, maybe not. SCO attacked IBM directly so there's clearly no shortage of suicidal idiocy out there. Not sure if big blue will get involved here though.

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