Tried out the #zellij terminal multiplexer. Had a problem/question. Seems the community is only on #discord. After unsuccessfully looking for alternative forums gave up and registered a discord account. Verified mail. Verified mobile number. Captcha'd half dozen of times. Tried joining the zellij discord. Flicker. Website goes in reload loop. Account is now disabled because "We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines." Fuck you, #discord!

And pretty please, free software projects, don't have your community in proprietary walled gardens like #discord or #slack you have no control over. You're doing your users a disservice. Use #irc or #matrix or whatever. There are enough free alternatives.

Thanks for listening.


@tsdh I had to create a work specific discord account (a client uses it for a project) and I got the ToS violation ban treatment a few days in, even though all I was doing was having low-volume text-only discussions from time to time.

I think their auto-spammer detection is... bad.

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