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ersatzmaus @ersatzmaus

So I was wondering about the use of ‘hermanos’ for ‘siblings’, and it looks like latin languages don't have an equivalent.

And then I wondered why the english word didn't resemble the german word [that I know] - ‘geschwister’.

And then it turned out that ‘siblings’ is that rareſt of rarities: An english word that's actually english:

c1000 Ælfric Genesis xix. 12 Hæfst þu suna oððe dohtra on þisre byrig..oððe ænigne sibling?

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@ersatzmaus Oh, so the word siblings is meant for brothers and sisters only?? I always thought that cousins were siblings too! 😳
I suppose I misunderstood that it means the kids from the extended family.

@fayacei It looks like it originally meant that (per OED) but I've only ever known it to mean brothers and sisters. don't know when the shift happened.

Although of course in some languages you'd refer to cousins by the words for brother or sister, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@ersatzmaus So... you mean that I was talking a kind of ancient English. I see, that's the only reasonable explanation 😎😜

@ersatzmaus It never stops amusing me how legible old English is.

@unixsmurf How far is it from modern nordic languages?