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libc works a lot better if I _don't_ unconditionally throw an error after allocating memory.

I я smrt.

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What if we just replaced daily scrum with three minutes of me slowly emitting an ear-splitting screech until I pass out from hypoxia

Everybody gets the gist, we all get to leave early, and I get a nap. Win-win situation
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So, apparently Stellaris 2.1.0 is out. I wasn't expecting that nearly so soon, and my son is super excited to tell me all of the new features he's finding already. #gameing | #gaming | #stellaris

Subject: Insert generic GDPR subject here

[ Empty or malformed message. Use "H" to see raw text. ]

*golf clap*

@JordiGH I do not understand why anyone would be fan of that waste of oxygen.

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Dialogs that pop up unexpectedly to ask for confirmation of something and then go away because I was in the middle of typing something and happened to press the wrong key, are not a good user experience.

Examples: gnome-timer's "timer expired" (closed by space), and gnupg's pinentry dialog (closed by enter). That's just dialogs that have happened to me today.

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If I could convince Mastodon at large of only one thing, it would be this:

if you see someone complaining, DO NOT give them advice.

If someone ASKS for advice, offer it.

But 90% of the time, someone complaining is just venting. They're not telling you the whole story, and they're not receptive to being given advice, because in that mental state, your "good-natured advice" is their "HERE'S HOW YOU'RE DOING THIS WRONG".

Do not respond with advice unless it's asked for.

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"A malicious DHCP server, or an attacker on the local network able to spoof DHCP responses, could use this flaw to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges on systems using NetworkManager which is configured to obtain network configuration using the DHCP protocol."

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It's so hard to get noticed on the mainstream social media sites.

I want people to see @batjan's hard work, but an early downvote has probably already killed this possibility:

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Copying from a thread of #GDPR jokes:

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

@susannah Pretty sure they do it deliberately so you buy an any-time ticket to make sure you can travel when you need to.

I didn't even know about the magic URLs: That's a new development. Before I guess you just had to know about the two letter code (which wasn't explained anywhere).

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", you got arrested for breaking into somebody's home and guiding them by being a positive role model in their field of work?"

"breaking and mentoring, yes."

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This warms my heart so much.

Remember that LLVM dev that ragequit over #Outreachy?

This is what happened thanks to the public flameout:

<karenesq> JordiGH: I saw the lobsters thread. [...]
<karenesq> what's interesting is that I only know about it because of the flurry of donations to outreachy today

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My coworker is Hungarian and has informed me that his friends back in Hungary have asked him to stop sending GPG encrypted emails unless it's very important.


Because the government is monitoring it. And if they see you receiving GPG mails, they will make your life hell.
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