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You: I think the coffee maker is broken.
Me: Boost the confinement beam.
You: What? That's not...
Me: Transfer auxiliary power to shields.
You: You can't just say random-
Me: Run a level three diagnostic on the deflector array.
You: (sobbing) Stop...
Me: Make it so.

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@aleks @Sir_Boops "With all due respect" is pretty much a killing insult.

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Last month I was accused of writing mixed-race characters, like myself, for "diversity brownie points." It's taken a while to get my feelings in order about this, but here is my response, and what it means to me to be a mixed-race author.


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I can't tell if this octopus is angry with me, or just trying to blend with the sponge beside them. #Belize #Octopus

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Swedes! Poles! Germans! Luxembourgers! The world is depending on you to save the internet from the EU! (PLEASE RT!)

#Article13 #Article11 #CopyrightDirective #FixCopyright

@trini Nope, I was writing a tiny special-case chainloader using gnu-efi. I can probably cook up a test case on that easily enough assuming it hasn't heisenbugged itself away, but I'd have to do a fair bit of work to get it onto the tianocore stuff (assuming that's EDKII).

@trini I guess. Do you know offhand where to report such?

@liw I mean, don't get me wrong, it's_still_ better than the Bad Old Days.

Whee. It turns out if you do nested opens/closes of the same FS on different handles some* UEFI implementations corrupt the runtime services, which means when the OS kernel boots and tries to write an EFI variable… «BOOM» one dead kernel. Which _looks_ like the bootloader hanging, but isn't.

* Ok, _this_ UEFI implementation. Sample size 1.

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RT @OmarNajam@birdsite

I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier

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post a hot take on mastodon with a punch and then take a nap. I've never seen a more relatable tech product than this

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More reasons people say they give to the FSF: "I saw a callout to donate as I was looking up how to do something in Emacs, and felt that since I use #GNU software almost *constantly* I should at some point give back."
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Just 4 more days to help us meet our challenge grant and to have your financial support for our work to build a diverse, community-driven, free software future be doubled -- we are so close, thanks everyone!

@wezm I don't know if you're a fit for nything we currently have open but we're consultancy so we do all sorts of things. Have a look at

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random PSA apropos nothing:

it is entirely possible for someone to have been in a shitty situation with toxic people and for that person to also be a toxic person

there is no wrong in getting the fuck away from them

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