How are you actually supposed to eat dumplings in soup??

/me splashes broth everywhere

I hate it when I order a drink and it ends up being way too strong. I had a mimosa with brunch and now I may just be taking a nap for the rest of the day. -_-

I love the fog around the hills in the morning. So atmospheric and mysterious.

I finished a stock of loose leaf tea tonight and I think this is honestly a first in my life.

Is there an equivalent of the OpenGL Superbible but for Metal?

This is what happens when your mood is crap and you end up in a coffee shop.

So it is apparently impossible to delete a folder from Fastmail and have it actually go away if you have >= IMAP client attached.

It is 3pm and I have not left my house yet. These rings ain't gonna fill themselves.

Genie in a Bottle just came on iTunes shuffle so that's how my Saturday is. How's yours?

I woke up in the middle of the night and my cat was sleeping next to me. He hasn’t done that since the spring, when it was cooler.

Thinking this morning about iPhone pricing, and how the iPhone X models are around $1k now, up ~$250 from where they used to be.

Do most people buy on installment plans now? (I’m guessing yes.) I wonder if we’ll see prices continue to creep up as consumers become more insulated from the price, kind of like medical costs and insurance.

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Obvious statement of the day: The fact that other apps might not be accessible is not a justification for *your* app not to be accessible. Rather, it’s a space for you to set yourself apart, innovate and gain users!

I wish I could automatically decline any meeting scheduled between 12 and 1.

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