I wish I could automatically decline any meeting scheduled between 12 and 1.

@erynofwales some of my coworkers have a recurring meeting from 12-1, marked as Busy. Then at least they don’t show up as available for folks trawling calendars.

@wookiee I have those for my morning and evening transit. Keeps people from scheduling when I need to catch a bus.

Somehow feels less okay for lunchtime though. >_<

@erynofwales I dunno I think that's as much a matter of work/life balance as anything else. I say go for it!

@wookiee @erynofwales I absolutely have a recurring event from 12-1 every weekday. Our culture at work pretty much doesn't like lunchtime meetings anyway though (and usually if someone make one, it's because it's very urgent and something is exploding that needs tending to)

@pixel @erynofwales and if that's the case presumably they'd overbook you into it despite your lunch meeting, yeah?

@erynofwales this just happened to me
Why do people do this
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