Genie in a Bottle just came on iTunes shuffle so that's how my Saturday is. How's yours?

Gosh who let us listen to this song when we were kids?

@apontious @erynofwales that’s ok - not everyone is at peace with their age. ;-)

@whakkee @erynofwales huh, I’d have thought I had way more than 8 years on you. I’ve seen pictures you young thang. 😁

@woolie @erynofwales lol, pics don’t age! Not sure what pic you’re aiming on, but it might be an old one? ;-)

@whakkee I think the last pic of yours I saw was of your feet (vacation pics). They looked really young. 😁

@erynofwales I’ll do you one better: The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang was *DEFINITELY* played during middle school dances I went to.

@erynofwales (side note: know all the lyrics, couldn’t remember the name for the life of me. Definitely asked Siri “what’s that song by the bloodhound gang” and she fucking nailed it)

@LadyWhimsy That is so bizarre to me now. How did any adult allow this??

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