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And now we're onto ABBA.

Sounds about right for me, tbh.

This week's Music Favorites playlist is apparently "Eryn's Emo Favorites"

My Immortal, Evanescence
Thistle & Weeds, Mumford and Sons
In the Middle, Jimmy Eat World
Madness, Muse
Carry On, Fun.

I love that one of SF’s sister cities is Assisi.

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Hey, would you happen to be in TORONTO? If you come by the Toronto Media Arts Centre at 32 Lisgar Street TOMORROW (FRIDAY) or SATURDAY between 10 AM and 7 PM, you can try out free the demo for the game I've been working on for @MermaidVR as part of the event! It is cool

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Watching Shakespeare in the Presidio. There is a cute pre-show program filled with flower and forest related puns. This is excellent. 😄

Anyone have a coffee shop recommendation in the Richmond/Pac Heights, SF?

Is the Venn diagram of "things that are biodegradable" and "things that are toxic if consumed by a human" a circle?

asking for a hungry friend just trying to eat lunch

Politics / labor rights 

This weekend I learned that there is a new Seattle ordinance that all residence must have at least two tattoos.

Some times it just seems so exhausting that cats have to hold their ears up so pointy all the time.

I just cut my hair the shortest I’ve ever done and now I feel like Taylor Swift

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Fellow trans folk: what trans-related nonprofit is doing the most good or is the most vital here in 2018 America? (In other words, who should I be raising money for?)

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