The Apple Lisa should have had a 640×480 display with square pixels instead of 720×360 rectangular. Fight me.

@eschaton you don’t know that I was the product manager of the Mac XL Upgrade Kit, which included a pair of PROMs that changed the Lisa to square dots, do you?

@bhtooefr @Cdespinosa Yeah, I’ve heard the square pixels modification was never supported by the Office System. I also gather the Office System never supported additional memory, the Sun Remarketing SCSI card, or sizes of ProFile other than 5MB and 10MB.

@eschaton @bhtooefr That’s true. Square dots was only for the Mac XL and the Mac OS.

@Cdespinosa @eschaton That’s awesome! I honestly was upset by the rectangular pixels on the Lisa. When the Mac appeared in ‘84, I bought immediately because the screen was so glorious. Fatbits was the clincher.

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