I just noticed that my Apple keyboard has an eject ⏏️ key.

I haven't had an ejectable media drive in ... 8? 9? years.

I should remap it to ask if I want to eject any USB drives or something. Also, I should

For my Apple peeps:

rdar://problem:43736317 "ER: Make the eject key actually useful"

Gonna go write this as an app now, but man this should be built-in

Also, this is not an app that can go on the Mac App Store, and I'm not *that* keen on setting up a storefront for it, so I'll likely just toss the source on Github

Unless someone knows of a largely turn-key alternative? I can see this app being quite useful...

I have quickly outgrown NSFileManger's volume APIs and am digging in to the DiskArbitration framework.

What have I gotten myself in to.

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