does anyone happen to know where i can find good documentation online for the classic mac os api and whatnot

i've found it before but that was 3 years ago and some things have, gone offline since

@luigithirty that is super helpful thanks! some of the links in that appear to be broken but it's a good starting point

my ideal document would basically just an api listing for all the managers supported in system 7

@ky0ko what about an Inside Macintosh PDF? @eschaton also knows basically everything about classic Mac OS or who to ask

@luigithirty @eschaton probably would help

at the very least i could likely compile all the info i want out of that, into the format i'd like it in


@ky0ko @luigithirty Aw, thanks! It’s definitely more of the latter. :) The best resource will be the Toolbox Assistant, which is the QuickView application and associated per-Manager databases.

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