@eschaton I found an MIT licensed basic C implementation of a tiny Scheme interpreter!

I’m going to use it as a base and extend it for my needs, then package it as a DLL for the Glide engine and other projects as needed. 🙂


@luigithirty Excellent! Which one is it? It’d be cool to make it recognize 1- to 4- element float vectors and optimize them.

@eschaton This one: carld.github.io/2017/06/20/lis

So far I haven't done anything but get it building as a C++ program instead of a C program - lots of manually casting void* to List* to get it to stop complaining.

It's a generic Lisp interpreter with no GC, no error handling, etc, but it has a working parser and some primitives. Perfect for edumacation and turning into an embedded interpreter DLL.

@eschaton Right now if I can get it to read a config file and place cubes in the world (returning structs to the sim core?) I’ll be happy.

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