@lopta For example, it has a great set of reference pages on the 16-bit HP 3000 instruction set, as of its latest 1981 iteration, in a way that’d make it straightforward to emulate…

@lopta Also, I can confirm that the MPE IV Pocket Guide that one can acquire on eBay is adorable. The book is about 5×7 inches, the pages thinner, the tabs sturdy, the information comprehensive.

@lopta Isn’t it weird, though?! Directorial hierarchy is backwards! It had a RISC port with Mixed Mode before the PowerPC existed! It’s never run on a mainstream CPU!

This new addition to our home, an IBM PS/2 Model 80 (8580-071) is almost exactly 23 years old! It has 2MB of RAM plus another 2MB on an aftermarket card, an 8-port serial card, a QIC tape drive, and a 70MB ESDI disk—5.25in full-height, of course. No front bezel or foot…yet.

Why hasn’t anyone started a rewrite of Haiku in Rust?

Look, I’m just asking questions here…

‪Is Hatari’s Atari TT030 emulation sufficient to run Atari UNIX System V Release 4?‬

Hooray! Now my DEC AlphaStation has 384MB of RAM and a 3D video card that was originally a US$2995 option! (That’s about US$5000 today.) 24-bit color *with* Z-buffer!

‪Are there really no regular Bay Area retrocomputing meetups?!

Where are the people who lavish old computers with love and attention?‬

D’Anna Cat had a couple teeth taken out, so during recovery she’s on wet food.

The tuna & shrimp cat food we got her smelled so good we went and had fish tacos ourselves.

Week of jury duty! But I’m not called to report tomorrow. We’ll see later in the week.

@dgoldsmith The oldest machines I’ve owned continuously are my Centris 610, PowerMac G3, and PowerBook G4 (Titanium). I gave away or sold others, only to regret it down the line, and have since backfilled.

Someone should make a web site with a big pageable table of all the UUIDs, with an API for getting info about or registering your use of one.

@millenomi @luigithirty Don’t forget “write m68k backend for LLVM” as well. :)

@revenant @luigithirty Doing it on NEXTSTEP is just like doing it on SunOS though, which is just like doing it on BSD!

@luigithirty Excellent! Which one is it? It’d be cool to make it recognize 1- to 4- element float vectors and optimize them.

@ky0ko @luigithirty Aw, thanks! It’s definitely more of the latter. :) The best resource will be the Toolbox Assistant, which is the QuickView application and associated per-Manager databases.

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