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@luigithirty <bitFromTron>nonononononononono</bitFromTron>

@woolie Yeah, the first edition is what ultimately taught me C!

@luigithirty Hooray for Minix! I just started looking through the Second Edition that I got a couple days ago. :)

Since I only have the first edition, I picked up a cheap copy of the second edition of “Operating Systems: Design & Implementation,” aka the Minix book.

It’s wonderfully used: Lots of very neat marginal notes and a bunch of Sanrio tabs to open to different important points!

@bhtooefr @Cdespinosa Yeah, I’ve heard the square pixels modification was never supported by the Office System. I also gather the Office System never supported additional memory, the Sun Remarketing SCSI card, or sizes of ProFile other than 5MB and 10MB.

@ash It’s a Lisp! With even more simplified syntax and, yes, turtle graphics.


The Apple Lisa should have had a 640×480 display with square pixels instead of 720×360 rectangular. Fight me.

Apparently the Atari ST not only shipped with a windowed BASIC environment, but also a LOGO one. How did I never know this?

🎶If you're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault. If you're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault! You were spotted in the mob, Now you've lost your fucking job, You're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault! 🎶

@peterb Going to need to catch up on these! Any particular topic today? Is your stream sponsored by Beagle Bros. yet?

@schwa @frozendevil I wonder how hard it’d be to integrate as a Mastodon instance.

@schwa Yes please all the native apps please! (One nice thing about…)

@schwa @ash @brianshaler Yeah, I’d far prefer a native client, that’s why I’m just using Amaroq on iOS right now.


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